Inspiration - Myra Hindley

Myra Hindley


  1. Be inspired if murdering young children is your idea of something to aspire to.........I wish yoy people would think.

  2. Well the murders are no inspiration, tho it can be for some artist and not the worst ones, but the personna is, as charles manson is, in it s coldness and it has actually inspired artist like the great Marcus Harvey, but I published your comment tho it sounds very much like the ones I enjoy reading with a smile on the Daily Mail Online, oh dear !
    For more about how "this" can be inspiring see more in post below...


  3. The 'inspiration' is in how Harvey portrayed her in his work. To use the imprints of children's hands to create this haunting image is incredibly thought provoking, and yes...brilliant. Art is supposed to provoke ALL human emotions, even disgust and loathing. We need to have works like this to remind us that the human psyche is very complex and in some cases, pure evil.