Robin Reacts : When Do I Look Like A Vodka Bottle ?

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I naively aimed at correcting the sinful habits and corrupted aesthetics of the Babylon that is this Adam's view ( yes Roxane AND Lotta, i am talking about you here). I was wrong, I surrender ( and i haven't tried for very long, i know, but they are very good at this and i am not as prude as i seem, well kind of.)
So i thought i should solely fulfill my task here talking about the most important subject in my eyes i. e. me. More precisely my 'style' ( thats is the main topic of this blog, please bear with me).
We have had that discussion with Lotta quite a few times, especially when she had to tastefully shoot me for Dazed Japan where i had to skillfully style myself in 7 different biker-jacket-based looks (rainy monday, boring tuesday, well you get the story.) and all my looks that seemed so idiosyncratic still a few years ago (OK, maybe a decade ago, so that will seem pretty neanderthalian of me, specially as i am watching a re-run of St Elmo's fire right now ) just looked SO common now and somehow kind of out of touch - most of the toddlers around my house wear shredded Ramones t shirt, fingerless gloves and skull adornments - skulls that i had to let go by the way quite e few years ago with an infinite sadness.

So i am desperately in need of a makeover. I am aware of this. Painful but true.

I was a geek at school ( still loved and not bullied though, i do need to make this clear),then became Mr Cool for a few months - at least one when i was on the cover of this very popular magazine which poster of was everywhere in Paris for a month. So what's next? Morrissey was not exactly right, it's not the soil...."Oh Mother, I can feel the cheese falling over my head."

Geek. Cool. Cheesy.

The final coup de grĂ¢ce came this week end.
One of my best friend came over to my house and brought me this fatal present (Mr T, if you read this, it is purely rhetoric and has nothing to do with you, i should thank you for bringing this opportunity to humiliate myself publicly). This sort-of-limited-edition bottle of vodka which i won't name for some reasons (they haven't sent me any ! well why would they? and if they had i should be mentioning them right now ).

Let's have a look at me : Black. Leather. Zips. Studs.
Bottle of vodka : Black. Leather. Zip. Studs.

I have always known vodka was my best friend, but not my mini-me. We tasted the same ( hm that's another problem ) - now we look the same. Except I was one, but there are millions of that bottle.
I kind of (uncomfortably) got over all the rock'n'roll revival invading fashion in the last few years.
I kind of (painfully) saw everything that i stood for becoming the most basic language of every high street retailers.
I kind of absolutely can't look like a bottle of vodka.
What do you do when there is no cool? actually, no uncool? no mainstream?
I do need some St Elmo's fire * here to shed some electric light on this. (* from 2:00 and on ...)

well we do need some explanation from that well-loved brand of alcohol... our well-loved accessory maestra Natalia Brilli would have allegedly designed it... but she didn't it ! PR confusion? marketing meltdown? at least Natalia would have covered the stud in leather and i would be safe, at least for a few months...

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