"Last Europa Kiss" - more of Olivier Borde GARDE ROBE Fall 09

Olivier Borde GARDE ROBE strikes again for Fall 09 with it's "American Venerie" menswear collection. The story is of young boy, possibly from Kentucky or so, finding back in a corner of the attic, some distressed hunting clothing from his European ancestors, making them his own by mixing it with pieces of his wardrobe. With an influence oscillating between Jim Jarmuch's " Dead Man" and the acclaimed " I'm Not There", Olivier Borde brings us one more time in his very personal way of re-interpreting the menswear wardrobe, from antique to sportswear, from Europe to America.

Photo by Julia Champeau
Art direction by Philippe Dufour Loriolle
All clothes by Olivier Borde GARDE ROBE

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