"Drawings - Cedric Rivrain" Opening at Brachfeld Gallery

Yesterday evening, surrounded by almost the "tout-Paris" and under flows of champagne, was held the opening of Cedric Rivrain's drawings exhibition at the Brachfeld Gallery.
Cedric Rivrain is one of Paris fashion favorite, from Martine Sitbon to Dior Couture and back in Rue Du Mail, Cedric has been designing collections in the most prestigious studios of Paris fashion houses and always kept drawing, for himself, for magazines and for the sake of art.
With this exhibition Rivrain shows another side of his work, a step away from the girly and glossy image one could easily try to stick to him, with a selection of pencil drawings touching by their fragile feel. His characters even often have plasters on, little shiny patches on the almost surreal and sometimes unfinished-like faces of Rivrain's muses including notable fashion persona like Lucas Ossendrijver, Gabrielle Greiss or the eternal Yaz Bukey and photographer Bruno Staub.
And yes, everyone that should be there was there indeed, with all animosities put aside for a moment, it went on till late after the gallery's doors closed, dining at the Flore and dancing at the Montana. But no exquixite food nor fine champagne and dances along music can slightly erase the persistant memory of Rivrain's soft and stunning drawings.

Drawings by Cedric Rivrain

Exhibition at the Brachfeld Gallery till June 16th.

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