"Tiny Tim: An american song book in Falsetto"

Tiny Tim might appear as a kind of "freak" at first sight: the long dirty hairs and the cheap suits that now remind us of Batman's penguin character, but his distinctive falsetto voice along the ukulele makes him a one of a kind. A deep knowledge of American popular songs and a quiet and studious personality are hidden behind the cult 50's and early 60's novelty act singer.
It s in 1952, when singing along the radio that he realised he could switch from baritone to falsetto voice with an incredible ease. His newly discovered voice brought him a cult following.
Tiny Tim appeared several times on the tonight show starring Johnny Carson, and even sang along with Dick Martin.
His career went on including performance at the Isle of Wight festival, appearance on Howard Stern 's show and even collaborations with Current 93 or Nurse with Wounds.
He died of heart attack that occurred while he was performing on stage on 30 November 1996, the show just can't always go on.

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