A Passage In Time

Fall Winter 2011-12

For their Fall Winter 2011-12 presentation, Laitinen brought the fashion pack out of a bright white parisian street down deep stairs into a dark cave. A guest mentioned it was like being in Paris at 2pm upstairs and in Berlin at 2am downstairs, indeed down in the cave ( where a swingers club used to be based ! ) it was not a regular standing models presentation but a party, somehow reminding me of the opening sequence the "The Hunger" with David Bowie and Catherine Deneuve. Models danced on D.A.F, drank beers and the cigarette smoke was thick and felt exotic in those days of clean non-smocking clubs.
The collection is pure Laitinen, abstract prints on refined fabrics, feminine elements transposed into masculinity with a take on uniforms and some russian influences. Going back to reality leaving the cave was highly difficult, sure thing is future owners of those looks will be taking a passage in time and space.

Photo by Chris Vidal

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