Get Yourself An Underground Director ! - Kenneth Anger for Missoni Fall 2010

Directed by Kenneth Anger
Styling by Vanessa Reid

So if there's some name I would have never expected to appear in a fashion industry commercial video, it's Anger's. But there obviously still is an art director with some taste, or a least buying it, ( it's easy to picture the art director saying to the Missoni rep. "Get Yourself An Underground Director ! " ) like the Missoni did with this not so bad video by underground film artist Kenneth Anger, the years of "Fireworks" , Aleister Crowley and satanism seem to be far away for Anger, unless he and the Missoni share the shame passion for the two-horned beast, that could be an explanation for their long lasting dynastic fashion empire !

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  1. yawn... love anger, but every time I watch a editorial fashion video I feel as if I've lost 2-3 minutes of my life trying to figure out what they're trying to do... they're rarely about the clothes... most strike me as accidentally comedic and ridiculously self-serious at the same time.