Viktor Tsoi ( KINO ) - A Russian Rock Icon

" It's warm here but the streets are anxious for our footprints
Stardust on our boots
Cozy armchair with a checkered blanket
The trigger which hasn't been pulled off in time
Sunny day in blazing dreams

The blood type is on my sleeve
My number on my sleeve
Wish me good luck in the battle
Wish me not to remain here in this grass
Wish me good luck...

I can pay but I do not want victory at any price
I do not want to put my foot on somebody's chest
I'd like to stay with you, just to stay with you
But the star high in the sky calls me: go! "

"Группа крови" ( Blood type ), 1988

"Tsoi means more to the young people of our nation than any politician, celebrity or writer. This is because Tsoi never lied and never sold out. He was and remains himself. It's impossible not to believe him... Tsoi is the only rocker who has no difference between his image and his real life, he lived the way he sang... Tsoi is the last hero of rock."

Komsomolskaya Pravda, 17th August 1990.

Viktor Tsoi
1962 - 1990

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