Leather Strip - Natalia Brilli

Natalia Brilli's accessories are already all over the best magazine's pages and in all good stores worldwide, and the variety of Brilli's leather covered pieces is astonishing, from bracelets to clutches, bags and headpieces, it's close to be a sculptural work of precision. But Brilli's thrill is into bigger objects, like the drum set, the guitar, the animal heads she's done and that are now part of Art collector's treasures. What about bigger pieces then ? Brilli admits she already thought about doing a car, and other more monumental pieces but unless she manages to invent liquid leather it might stay as just a project, but who knows, Brilli seems like she gets what she wants and one can only appreciate that.

Natalia Brilli Vanity Skull Head clutch is exhibited at the BLACK exhibition in Antwerp's MoMu and the Drum Set is part of group exhibition Bambaataa at Galerie Alice Day in Brussels.

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