In Bed with Generation 11 !

Installation from Nick Rosenboom

There's a only a couple of influencial schools for fashion in Europe, and amongst them is the dutch ArtEZ Institute of the Arts with it's master's course known to most as the Fashion Institute Arnhem. The likes of Victor & Rolf or Lucas Ossendrijver of Lanvin's menswear followed the Arnhem school before getting the success we know. For this season, Fashion Institute Arnhem presented 8 of their new graduates, the Generation 11, during Paris fashion week. Art directed by creative duo Freudenthal / Verhagen the presentation took the form of an installation, a kind of fashion dorm where each desinger had it's (bed)room, putting the visitor deep into the labels universes. The level of the students is incredibly high, but a couple of them stand out of the lot, Oda Pausma who works a strong fetishy womenswear with leather under-bra and soft fluid transparent silk suit, Rebecca Ward with her organic shaped printed dresses and trousers that remind us ( with emotion ) of the late Mc Queen, or Nick Rosenboom whose wood print stayed in my head for long.

Installation and looks from Oda Pausma

Installation and look by Rebecca Ward

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