Digital Aura - No Editions Fall 10

This video shows No Editions Fall 10 series of digital prints and how they apply to garment's pattern.
( video courtesy of No Editions )

No Editions questions the idea of the high end fashion garments in the age of intensive industrial and digital reproduction, bringing back the aura of uniqueness without the hand-crafted touch often attached to this idea, as every item is produced only once with a unique print design following the elaborated process of the print creation : Digital movies issued of different web cams or online feeds are dissected in series of 60 stills that will then be digitally printed onto 60 clothing items, and after that prints are never to be used again, kept only as part of the label's online records.
For Fall 10 the prints are focused on three elements, Earth, Weather and Faces, digitally printed on almost elemental shapes coats or felt, tops of silk and polyester, leather jackets or Japanese denim jeans. But you won't recognize anything in the print, as they end up being mostly abstract block of color, created in series of variations around a print, developed on various artistic, personal or sequential criteria and never ever random manual or mechanical finishing. This the dogma of the label's German design duo, Christian Niessen and Nicole Lachelle, but don't necessarily need to know or fully understand all that to just like the result.

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