Born Again - Nicolas Andreas Taralis Fall 10

Nicolas Andreas Taralis is back on the Parisian catwalk, after getting off radars in 2007 and a swing by Cerruti, and high level editors and buyers are already craving for his designs. True that most of us are in a naughties nostalgia moment, and Taralis is now filling the blank.
His characteristic touch is still here, the perfect cut, the ultra sharpness of the silhouette mixed with a softer feminine approach to some fabric ( the sheer dresses for example ) are here to remind us where Taralis comes from, Canadian born from Austrian and Greek parents, and the influences from his year at the Vienna school of Applied Arts under Helmut Lang are very present. At the end it all very simple, there is the perfect coat, the perfect shirt, the savantly cut jeans that we've tried to find somewhere else for the last 3 or 4 years without succeeding, thank god Taralis is born again !

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  1. do you know where these are sold? anywhere online?