Remember when Tim Hamilton was doing cute preppy American outfits ?
Well, Hamilton is now showing in Paris and as we say, when in Europe do like Europeans do, so Hamilton showed a attempt to renew tailoring with so-called modern twist, but I still feel like if this look doesn't really belong to him but more likely to his talented new style advisers. Unusual angles cut, stripes and color blocks, geometric patterns and good old doc martens composed the elements of a savourless recipe that might still need a bit of practice to fool us here, on the old continent's soil.


  1. i love the "haute" pieces, and he was just added to the calendar in NY for something else in men's, i can't wait to see what it is.

  2. "haute" ? please explain...
    and yes let s see what will be shown in NY, maybe the womenswear actually...


  3. Brilliant collection Europe or American who cares!

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  5. Indeed, the problem is not where but the lack of identity that lies behind the incoherence of his collections...
    I liked his preppy easy style for both his 08 collections but then it all seems like a try to join in the "cool" dark trend in menswear...

  6. Really? I see a direct relationship and progression to what he did in aw08 aw09 to aw10. I don't think from aw08 to now reads preppy at all.

    Plus he is a young designer brand, is there no room for evolution and progression? Surely a lot other brands you are fond of didn't have such a smooth cohesive link in the beginning stages.

  7. Anonymous, (sadly missing a name) you're right there needs to be "room" for evolution and progression in a designer's path, maybe with others this progression feels like a natural evolution or even a wrong direction, mistakes are possible and easy to forgive, now I think I've made myself clear about how I doubt on the "natural path" of Hamilton evolution and think it more as try to join in the "cool" dark trend in menswear with a look that doesn't really belong to him but more likely to his talented new style advisers. Now you're of course allowed to adore it and me not quite so.
    Anyway, thank you for your interest and for the further developments it brought on the question.