Vienna based but of Bulgarian and Russian origins Petar Petrov has been showing on the catwalks of Paris menswear fashion for while, but this season he opted for a more intimist way of showing with a series of 6 movie directed by himself and his creative partner Christoph Pirnbacher, each one reflecting the different part of the collection with a general theme focused around the idea of tailoring for a modern rebel.
Part of a group of new designers emerging from Vienna in the early naughties, Petrov mixes the strong Austrian tailoring tradition with casual sportwear or workwear creating a wardrobe for a generation raised along the fall of all ideologies and the scission of youth culture into a myriad of obscure subcultures of all kinds. Harness like jacket, military inspired jackets, distressed white leather, camouflage t-shirt, handwriting scribbled print shaved fur coat are just a few of the pieces that Petrov defines as the wardrobe of Fall 2010 's anti heroes.

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