Occultism, Marriage & Sub-culture - FADE Societe Secrete

Illustrations by Fran├žois Sagat for FADE

Standing on the ( thin ) line between the esoteric and the sweet absurd, Fade - Societe Secrete has a unique approach to fashion, indeed Fade's designs are for very special brides and grooms only. Created by Olivier Bobin, a parisian multitasker, Fade puts back magic and mystic into the sacred bonds of marriage by the means of universal strong graphic symbols. But if Bobin is the one who decides the tone of the collections he also brings together a family of friends to collaborate on Fade, the core of the Societe Secrete, like graphic designer EEM, porn icon Francois Sagat or Cecile Busson for the musical selection . With mini books, music compilations and videos to present his collections, Bobin made of Fade more than just a secret society, a fashion label or even an art project, he made it a cult with already many followers...

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