Fumi-Nation by Fumi Nagasaka - Big In Japan

This week, Fumi Nagasaka's Fumi-Nation takes to Japan, and it's Big in Japan again, with exhibition, parties, more parties and a whole bunch of familiar faces that was almost family for me in my London days, I think I'm turning japanese... I really think so....

"I came to Tokyo end of last month. I had a group exhibition
called "Overseas" at Ricoh Gallery in Ginza Tokyo."

"My friend Niklas Came to the show"

"My parents and my youngest brother"

"Emi from Vogue Hommes Japan & Sakiko from Nylon Japan"

"Theo Adams had a show in Tokyo last week"

"Emi and Junsuke from Dazed Japan"

"Matthew Stone had a exhibition at Candy Tokyo.
Candy and Matthew did a collaboration and made t-shirts."

"at their after party. The Matthews djed."

"Emi and Sakiko. They are my Tokyo best friends."

"Chycca. She was one of the performers of in Theo's show."

"Kaskay wearing Lotta Skeletrix"

"Sakiko and Yana from Candy"

"Matthew carrying me"

"We got huge vodka shots"

"Then we went to Karaoke!!! Little Matthew knew couple of Japanese pop songs!!"

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