Robin Reacts - Carnal Thursday

Wow ! I haven't even started writing a word on Adam's View that i am alreay overwhelmed by the number of fleshy posts !
Bosoms ( or 'dirty pillows' as the very inspired Piper Laurie would say in Carrie ), abs, pubic hair... my eyes are already bleeding from the exhibition of so many bodily parts.

I will make sure to protect our cherished christian values by posting only pictures of belgian designer's clothes, ...

(Veronique Branquinho)

videos of frustrated love stories, ...

(Sophie Calle's No Sex Last Night)

celibacy clubs advocates (well...) or strange and cute animals inspiring this season's shoes (better ) l let's keep this blog recreational and educational !

( Tapir + Alexander McQueen shoes )

So you can make sure that i will definitely be 'Robin the Reactionary'

Can't wait for (casual) friday though ....

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