Introducing new contributor Andreas Lonn

25 year old Swedish shoe designer Andreas Lonn, is based in London where he studied footwear design, his Gothic playful shoe designs combine the inspiration of visionary designers of a by gone era such as Elsa Schiaparelli with the seedy night world of Slimelight and other S&M clubs. Heavy back black suede heels collide with delicate strings of coral or drape with monkey fur, a combination of classic and contemporary, culminating in a Gothic footwear fantasy. Designing with his contemporaries in mind for wearing them, and his longtime friend Lotta Volkova acts as the perfect muse for his towering creations. Andreas finished studying a couple of years ago and since then has gone on to design shoes for and work along side french designer Charles Anastase, a fitting collaboration, who is based in London and is showing during London Fashion week. In his "by Andreas Lonn" posts, Lonn will share with us a selection of news from his own world.

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