Fumi-Nation by Fumi Nagasaka - CMJ Music Marathon Special

This week, Fumi Nagasaka's Fumi-Nation takes us on a marathon, the CMJ music marathon with plenty of gigs, booze and crowd diving, add a lot of excitment and good friends from all over and you're almost there, rock it...

"I met up with Gerlan for coffee last week. Gerlan is talented designer. She has a label called "Gerlan Jeans". She makes very fun clothes and I really enjoyed her 2010 SS show in NY fashionweek."

"It was CMJ (Music Marathon) last week. I went to see a couple of shows. On Wednesday I went to the M for Montreal (music festival in Montreal) event and saw a couple of bands from Montreal. This is a band called Duchess Says. I met the keyboard player Ismael when I went to Montreal last year. They always have crazy gig and it's super fun! The singer went behind the bar and was drinking while singing! (I will upload videos on my blog soon!)"

"Thursday, I was running around for shows for 12 hours!! My friend Matthew Hitt. He is in town for 2 weeks from Wales. He was my CMJ mate."

"This is my friend's friend band called "we are ENFANT TERRIBLE" from Paris. They are pretty good!"

"Between the gigs I went to the OAK party. It was some designer's presentation (unfortunatly I forgot the label's name...), my friend Mandy Coon (right) was Djing. She is in the DJ duo "Too Mandy DJs" with the other Mandy. Mandy is also making clothes and doing well.

"Bear Hands. Matthew told me their are really good."

"Secret guest was The XX. They are one of the biggest up coming band this year."

"Friday, I was so exhausted from the the day before, but I went to downtown Brooklyn to see Japandroids from Vancouver. Matthew told me about them and I got obsessed with them. The gig was amazing! So many people were diving from the stage!! They are gonna be on tour in England soon. (I will upload videos on my blog soon!)"

"Saturday, I went to Midnight Juggernauts gig. I really love them so I was super excited to see their gig. It was free party so they didn't really play many songs but I enjoyed it. I uploaded some video on my blog so you can check them out."

"I ran into my friend Ferdi at the show. I hadn't seen him for 4 years. He said he lives in Paris now and he is in the band called Dan Black and they played earlier. Ferdi is really sweet guy so I was happy to see him again."

"My friend Charlotte. She was visiting here from Paris for a week. I met her in Cannes in August."

"Vincenzi from Midnight Juggernauts."

"For some reason Me and Charlotte took a limo with Midnight Juggernauts to go to other bar after the show..."

I am in the middle of uploading lots of videos from CMJ on my blog, so check it out!!

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