Conversation with EEM : Introducing Honorable Diana Orlow

Diana Orlow cruised the occult Paris scene in the early nineties.
A versatile though irresolute artist : composer, musician, singer, dancer, costume designer and public/private performer, her scarce remembrance is now quite exclusively the fact of his very close friend at the time, french translator of the Aleister Crowley opera, Philippe Pissier.
As a matter of fact, her rite moniker "Lilith Von Syrius" recalls that apart from her sense for burlesque and domination she had also been raised to the second degree of OTO few years before her death.
Get closer : her amazing off-tune voice can whisper to your ear on the french version of "Blume" by Einsturzende Neubaten. Lyrics she contributed to write.

Diana who may gain sometime larger posthumous recognition for her enticing poems and diaries passed at age 26.

" And I still have the choice
not to do any records
for if I did any
everybody might know
what kind of a kinky bitch I am
everybody might know
all these illegal things I do
I might lose my own child
I might destroy your life
making records would be suicide "

(Human Woman with Human Feelings)

" I steal sometimes.
The necklace and two bangles of hematit
the "The Lover" video.
It's fine. Steal more.
And the Roc make-up...
I have joy on my whore toys
Jewels, vine and bondage
jewels, mushroom and furs
and skin
and kisses
and candlelights. "

(Liber 156)

"Je suis foncièrement mauvaise. Je trompe mon chef aussi souvent que possible. (…)
Je me suis prostituée. C’est la meilleure période de ma vie. Je mens à chacun de mes clients.
Putain. J’aimerais monter un gros coup. Pour cette raison, je déteste ce travail qui mange tout mon temps. D’un autre côté, grâce à des relations de travail, je peux m’acheter du matériel Apple."

(Diary 1995)

" Schreie sind Murmel
Körper sind Marmöre
Freunde sind Feinde
Nicht zu schnell
sie schlafen noch
ganz ruhig, ganz zart "

(Human Woman with Human Feelings)

" Liliacea / Pour toi je suis un lys
Peut-être suis-je Alice ?
Mais mon nom si tu le connais
reste imprononçable.
Il est prononcé ?!
Malédiction !…"


(All excerpts and pictures from the Philippe Pissier website :
http://www.paganguild.org/pissier/ )

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