Slava Mogutin's Lost boys european debut

In a week that seems to be all about the teenager's mythology, I could not forget mister Slava Mogutin and his Lost Boys, author of the controversial "America in my pants" when he was still back in Russia, Mogutin is considered as one of the first outrgeous gay right activist in USSR, and inspired a whole generation of young russian gay or not.

This exhibition at Galeria Pauza is Mogutin’s first show in Eastern Europe outside of Russia and European debut of Lost Boys.

“Open and deliberate contempt for generally accepted moral norms…”; “Malicious hooliganism with exceptional cynicism and extreme insolence…”; “Inflaming social, national, and religious division... Propaganda of brutal violence, psychic pathology, and sexual perversions…” – these are just a few charges from the criminal cases carried against writer and artist Slava Mogutin in the post-Perestroika Russia.

All images by Slava Mogutin
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