"A sweet and Tender Hooligan" - Introducing Manfred UNGER -

Manfred Unger
From the series " Something is Coming"

Vienna based Manfred Unger has been working for the last 10 years in the fashion, design and art scenes with it's art installations, make up performance and fashion design consulting along his constant focus on photographic works.
Going from the art direction on a young designer's catwalk show to styling high rank politics for Austria's number one daily paper is pure routine for multi-tasker Unger. Creating his own circle of productive energy including numerous collaborators in more numerous disciplines, Unger thinks himself as an open creative person, with the need to create " there is no other possibility" he admits. His photographic work goes from fashion to art and back, with sometimes a hint of documentary, and with for only goal : the next step forward. His approach can be spontaneous but always very constructed with this almost non-sense feeling of controlling the unexpected.
Though he precises he "would never walk on a rope", Unger seems to have very few limits in his surrounding world : the conformed and bourgeois, cake-like architecture of the city of Vienna. Walking by a newsstand he would ask " Can I steel this?" pointing at some publication he doesn't intend to pay for, and the answer is always "off course !". A hooligan I said, but sweet and tender as Vienna's delight.

Special Portfolio

Manfred Unger
from the series "Kids"

Manfred Unger
From the series "Berlin"

Manfred Unger
From the series "Something is Coming"

Manfred Unger
From the series "Fips"

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