Menswear Fall 09 - An Holy feel

(Above picture : Blixa Bargeld - Left picture :Fabrics Interseason FW 09-10 )

Out of the last menswear shows for Fall 09, I noticed a feeling of holy spirit, some Priests here, Quaker likes there, and an overall Amish touch, the hat effect you might say, and yes I agree but not only.

I ve always had a little something for this Amish look, and I would tend to put that on the fact that the Amish fellowship, before expanding in the USA, was founded in Alsace, region located in the east of France on the german border, which is my motherland. That makes it a very personnal link.
There is also a hint of Blixa Bargeld from Einsturzende Neubauten, the industrial romantic german singer and ex guitarist of Nick Cave, this middle europe feeling is definitly there again.
There is a lot more music references in this style: from Death In June to Laïbach so I matched each outfit with a band.

Petar Petrov - The industrial Priest
(musical hint : Das Ich)

Miharayasuhiro - The romantic one
(musical hint : Nick Drake)

Tillmann Lauterbach - An Amish in the city
( musical hint : The Carter Family )

Number Nine - A dark folk Amish
( musical hint : Death In June )

Rick Owens -A dark Priest
( musical hint : Laibach )

All pictures from www.catwalking.com

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