The Switch

Following the nomination of Mister Formichetti as the new Art Director of Thierry Mugler, a fashion designer friend mentioned that it might be just the start of the rise of ( photo ) stylist taking over art direction positions in big houses... A new switch in the industry, well not really new as somehow stylists have been doing art direction for houses for a while but it was mostly in free-lance positions, at best consultancy, so yes stylists have been art directors for years anyway but taking the big job in a big house is a new way. The switch is purely semantic, stylist are re-appropriating the art director's term, and designers will do what they do best, designing under their directions, it could also mean no more outside stylist interventions for a creatively self-sufficient house, this could mean more risk taking but also could mean less, now the question is, after Mister Formichetti at Mugler, who's up next ? and for which house ?

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