School's Out : Elina Peltonen & Alisa Närvänen from the School of Applied Arts of Helsinki

Elina Peltonen and Alissa Närvänen joined forces in design to create a collection, the result of total collaboration and unconditional devotion to each other's work. The collection shown at the School of Applied Arts of Helsinki ( Taideteollinen Korkeakoulu ) on the 26th of May, is influenced by the designers Finish and Karelian ( former Finish region now part of Russia ) backgrounds, and more specifically by the brilliance and creativity incited by the small resources of old times in those regions. Indeed, Peltonen and Närvänen's work is all about hand-made and patience with the choice of the macramé-technique, creating decorative surfaces by using simple strips of cloth and strings. The result is quite remarkable with those fluid silhouette sharpened by the more stiff macramé pieces, a savant dose of hard and soft.

Elina Peltonen & Alisa Närvänen

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