Me And My Family - Masashi Asada's Asada-Ke

Masashi Asada as most of young photographers uses his family as first subject, but here there's none of those intimate snaps we've been seeing over and over, instead Asada stages himself, his brother and his parents in different situations, creating cinematic scenes of Japanese everyday life. Asada's work is perfectly executed, with this Japanese touch for perfection but it doesn't lack the necessary step back from his own world tinted with slight humor.
Masashi Asada exhibits a selection of his works in Paris, curated by Sylvia Schilde, till the 18th of June, at the photographic space of the Hotel De Sauroy, an exquisite Parisian private hotel in the heart of the marais, 58 rue Charlot. If you haven't seen it yet, run now...

All pictures by Masashi Asada.

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