just kids by andreas lonn

Just finished reading "Just kids" by Patti Smith. If you have the time or chance to read this sweet little book you should. I really believe it will be one of those books youngsters will read in their early teens when they are looking for a specific identity. Kind of like what Kerouac's "On the road" meant for teenagers in the 1960's. The book is mainly about not belonging and trying to figure out where to belong. Her former lover Robert Mapplethorpe's (right on the cover) search for his identity. Their adventure together at the Chelsea hotel, living there and meeting people looking for some kind of truth or identity. Hopefully in this era where the subcultures are disappearing in an alarming rate this book can inspire young people to search for their identity a bit deeper than the surface. The message for me is that you can never know or plan what you will become in a true search for your dreams.

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