Fumi-Nation by Fumi Nagasaka

This week, Fumi Nagasaka's Fumi-Nation takes on a tour from NY, to New Jersey passing by Iceland and Connecticut, with gigs, exhibition and a bit too much too drink !

I went to see my friend Sam's band Led Er Est and Xano&Orklander gig in Brooklyn.
They are 2 of great up and coming bands.

I was part of an exhibition my friend Paul Boch organized in New Jersey in March.
Paul has a live performance as well.

I was invited to Icelandic fashion week, end of March so I went to Reykjavik for 8 days.
This is my friend Eygló. She is a designer based in Iceland.

While I was in Iceland, we went to my friend Mundi's summer house outside of Reykjavik when the volcano happened... We had BBQ outside and took hot tab for hours. Peaches was in town for gig so she came with us. I was such an amazing time in Iceland. Love the country and culture and people.
More photos, go to http://fuminagasaka.blogspot.com/2010/03/iceland.html

I changed hair colour from blue to purple. My friend Sarah is my hair dresser.

My friends Crystal Castles had a show in NY in April. I got way too drunk that night.
Their new album is amazing.

I went to Connecticut to visit my friends James and Chris twice in April. The 2nd time was for a photo shoot. This is an animal called Opossum. It's native to North America. I saw it at Chris's house after the shoot.

I went to The Gossip after party. Beth is such an amazing and beautiful person.

I went to my favourite Icelandic film directors Arni&Kinski's photo exhibition in Manhattan. They shot a music video of Jonsí's new song "Go Do" and it was a large format photo exhibition from the video shoot. I met Jonsí and his manager Clare there. Everyone was such amazing people. Meeting Jonsí was one of my dreams. I love his music and his creativity.

I went to Jonsí's concert at Terminal 5. It was fantastic show. I loved it so much.

My friend Emi was in town from Tokyo. Emi is really good friend of mine. She is so sweet. It was so much fun to have her in NY.

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