This Friday ! Party like it's 1999 in Berlin with the Blind Date Swingers Club

Simple ideas are mostly the best, and that is how the Blind Date Swingers Club got to be one the most wanted and awaited monthly party in Berlin, the city of all parties. The pitch is clear and attractive : Mix people and their music in a lovely bash !
And for this new edition AdamsView collaborates with the BDSC to get 3 of you a free +1 guest list, yes, sometimes we do nice things for you, to participate you just have to do one thing, comment on this message with your full name and email contact, then you will get a confirmation by email on Thurday, and will get to party like it's 1999 on Friday.

The rules, yes even Berlin gets to have some, are pretty simple :

Make a MIX CD or MIX TAPE. Feel free to
decorate COVER etc, leave a note inside
with contact / email, facebook, myspace etc.
MUSIC brings the party people together !

Drop of your MIX at the DJ stand when coming in.

Have a drink ( or two, or more...) , sit down (or stand, or dance, whatever makes you happy), make conversation, party, dance ,unwind, enjoy your night and the people around, make new friends or more..up to you really !!

When you're about ( or have to) leave, return to the DJ stand and pick up a MIX that someone else made...and listen to it and you can even meet the person behind the music!

Now, it's all up to you, comments are open, guestlist awaiting !

For more info on the BDSC party, check :
Love-BDSC Blog

1 comment:

  1. Thanks to all who participated and left comments , the winners are :
    Robert Pointner , Julia Kühn , Simone Martini

    You 3 have your name +1 on the list for tomorrow's party ...

    Enjoy !!!