A Passage in Time

Tick, Tock, time is every one's master, and even fashion designers can't escape it's heavy and sometimes violent grip. Season after season, one keeps wondering what time is back ? Seems like , in weird quantum jump, the 60's tinted of 90s are re-emerging on catwalk, but you could have seen it coming for a little while already, the brighter and acid color palette, the elongation of the lapels, the volume of skirts, the return of previously banned polyester and so on...
But don't look back in anger, an oh so paradigmatic Oasis song, time is not against us, it comes and goes and seems constant only on the wall clock. Now, we could start thinking how will our time be quoted, what will be remembered, and what left aside till someone digs it out and makes it an new hip thought, and then falls back again into the black hole of oblivion before arising as a new mainstream, or not.

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