Introducing new contributor Whitney Bedford

Whitney Bedford is an artist living in Los Angeles, and on the edge of South America and Europe.
She exhibits internationally but is represented locally by Susanne Vielmetter Projects, Los Angeles, and abroad at Art:Concept, Paris. She is obsessed with colors and votives.
Her conceptual paintings often reflects disaster, chasing metaphors, and are know for their colorful dramatics, but her photos which she considers studies are less re-active and more about isolating a time and color. She hopes it all makes sense one day, but doesn't expect it too. Contributing to AdamsView with "L.A. Color Nomading with Whitney Bedford" she will be taking most pictures around Los Angeles, but will also contribute as she travels around the world looking for new palettes and patterns.
(this year will be: Guadalajara, Beijing, London, Paris, Zurich, Douz, New York, Baltimore, Miami, Auckland and in between).

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