Human Fly - BZZ by Davide Bazzerla Fall 10

Verona born Davide Bazzerla has been designing his own line, BZZ, since 2005, while consulting for a bunch of major Italian brands, and it's only now that Bazzerla decided to concentrate "full on" his label, presenting this Fall 10 collection in Berlin and Paris fashion week. BZZ is a collection of shapes and structures, sexiness and proportions, at the edge of fashion, where it meets arts, politics, music and more... mixing haute-couture fabrics with costless second recycled garments into a reflection on the use, the social effects and the concept of fashion garments. The Carabinieri ( Italian police) uniform trousers turned into a short dress topped with a "cute" bow characterize Bazzerla's conceptual games, not without a hint of humour.

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