Fumi-Nation by Fumi Nagasaka - NY Fashion Week

"At Tim Hamilton presentation."

"My friend Coley Brown."

"I was dj at Tim's presentation and after party. I played mostly goth music!"

"With Darya at Karen Walker. I met her in London when I helped my friend Ben Toms shoot for Another Magazine. She is so cool and funny."

"With Freja. She is my favourite model. I would love to shoot her someday..."

"Model board at Alex Wang."

"Siri. She is a very sweet girl."

"My friend Robbie styled Petrou Man presentation. Paul is getting his hair done."

"My friend Cole at Petrou Man presentation."

"Robbie Wedge and new face boy Mikael from ReQuest. He was really cool looking."

"My friend Matthew from Wales. He just got his hair cut at Marc by Marc Jacobs backstage."

"Marcel. He has long hair now and looks like a girl."

"This was really funny! Hinano Yoshikawa was at Marc by Marc backstage, She said she liked long hair boys. Marcel is being funny behind her."

"Marcel and Matthew and Charlie."

"Diana is cool."

"Japanese model Tao."

"Marike. She was my favourite model of this fashion week. She was so sweet and nice, always smiling. She is from South Africa but used to live in Korea so she can speak Korean as well. So cool!"

"Really cute French girl Heloise at Alexandre Herchcovitch."

"Alexandre Herchcovitch show."

"U from Faline Tokyo was in town!"

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