An American Sophistication - Halston by Marios Schwab Fall 10

Marios Schwab is, as I see it, the designer that marked the return and the rise of the London fashion scene, with his body conscious dresses, embellished with sharp metal parts, or his laser cut pattern over prints, like a decayed wallpaper, Schwab was one of my favorite womenswear designer for a while before he took another direction in style, with more intellectualised collections as the latest one with the 3 volumes layering. The need of text explanation to get into a design has never been a method I liked much, scared by too much intellectual theories that unfortunately oftenly barely hide the lack of talent ( but it is never the case with Schwab ).

Now with Schwab at Halston for the Fall 10 collection we can easily find a lot of Schwab's early style, the structure, the high level body conscience, the embellishments, putting structure into Halston, Schwab revived an American sophistication, a very subtle one that kindly makes us forget for a minute the silk sac-like gowns in "cute" colors with big hairs and sunglasses of the world's red carpets.

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