Prada Fall Winter 10-11 : "Supersonic"

Fall Winter 10-11
"Supersonic" ( Oasis )

For this menswear winter collection, Miuccia Prada continues on the path she took for womenswear summer 10, a re-see of the 60's and 70's thru the eyes of the 90's. And it is even more clear for this menswear collection than it was for the womens, you can feel the mods touch but in an odd way, this odd way is the one of the 90's, think return of the british musical movements with the Brit Pop, think Oasis and Blur ( Oasis Supersonic intro was mixed in with other big 90's musical moments such as Nirvana all along the show music ). So Don't look back in anger at those shrinkened wool jumper, military like overcoats with prints specially when the womenswear showed along the mens this season mostly consisted of "Beattles suits".

( pictures from Catwalking.com )

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