Naughties by Nature

So here it is, the naughties are finally over, and now we look and think : what was it all about ?
Well, it started pretty well with the new millennium, seemed like there was new talents rising in fashion, music and art but it all got slower and slower and by the end of 2001 it already smelled liked burned and the naughties gained a rancid flavor.
I've been trying to think all day long what came of out of it, what will stay and it's pretty difficult to find something that stays out of the anecdotic. Strange days probably, one of those transition time we heard about, where there hasn't really been any new big movements in any fields that really took over and left a deep mark in our minds, it's more like a fading stain. Maybe it is the real decade of the Nothing, the one of the rise of a worldwide insecurity feeling, the one of the total disappearance of the private sphere into the total broadcast of privacy or is it the one, as Ecco suggested, of new Middle Ages : the return of the war of the beliefs, the insecurity and so on.... Not so sure either. But wait, there it lies, it is the decade of hesitance, the realm of indecision, nothing is so sure anymore...or is it?

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