Stranger Than Life - Chapter I - by Renee W.M. Lindell

This month I was inspired by using black, white and red as main theme in illustration series, concentrated on four labels. Two of whom I’m sure need no introduction which is Prada and Mark Fast, and the other two I’m sure you will hear more about shortly but would like to start promoting them already here; “Duffy Jewelry“ and “Tuesday Night Band Practice”.

Ill. 1 :
Red nail polish from YSL.

Ill. 2 :
Gaultier Silk Stin corset Dress spring summer 2010 and vintage Fur coat.

Ill. 3 :
Mark Fast dress and silver Knuckle dusters by Duffy.

Ill. 4 :
Silver neck piece by Duffy, AR pin by Vivienne Westwood.

Ill. 5 :
Prada Coat spring summer 2010, Mark Fast Tights and Guns n´Roses inspired t-shirt by TNBP.

Duffy Jewelry is a new up and coming designer specialist on silver with a lot of rock n´roll attitude. I meet him at London Jewellery week this autumn and the buyers were literally queuing for having a word with the designer who made Silver Knuckle-dusters with inspiration from Edward Scissor-hand and Wolverine from X-men. His pieces are in illustration 3 and silver necklace in Ill. 4. The famous label Kabiri is currently stocking his pieces aswell as Selfridges in London, but go to www.duffyjewellry.com for more inspiring designs.

Next label I am proud to introduce is TNBP, or “Tuesday Night Band Practice”. Both a band and a label consistent of 4 friends whom all meet on travelling trips in Indonesia, got together and the rest history as they say. What I absolutely love with these guys is the fact that they are proper rock n´roll.. they get their inspiration from both dead and present rock icons that they look up to, take that inspiration and a pure love for good denim, washed-out t-shirts with good prints and soft leather garments.. all you need for going to a concert head banging your way through the night!

You can see the boys work on www.tuesdaynightbandpractice.co.uk and also get all their stores that stock their products around the globe.

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