The new Don'ts

In the public sphere, people tend to share personnal opinions and beliefs beyond the reasonable and even more beyond the limits of politeness. During last fashion week in Paris, for example, being constantly harassed in front of all shows by people screaming at you that wearing fur is bad ( and you can stop worrying right here, I was not wearing some, though I have nothing for or against it, as I have nothing against leather or wool...) or being told of because meat is murder while picking some mini ham-sandwitch at a presentation's buffet started to scare me. Who the hell are those new eco-planet-savers puritans dressed in chemically rainbow dyed fabric panels?
Do I go around and say to people I don't know " You should not ***whatever they should not***!!! well, of course I don't, because this is an agression, an itrusion into your very private opinions and belief on which you didn't allow any debate. The fashion industry itself and the so called hype / fashion crowd is getting more and more seduced by those green-wash prozelytising, spreading the good word to those who ( shame on them) don't know yet what is good for them and for the world. This is how you shall buy, This is how you shall eat, This is what you should think, This how your very own personnal opinion built on facts and experience should die, and all that for the best...Well, I say no, thanks for sharing anyway...

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