Art: The Man of Many Cameras - Wayne Martin Belger

Boy Of Blue Industries / Wayne Martin Belger

California born and based artist Wayne Martin Belger creates his own photographic cameras, pinhole cameras made from wood, steel, silver, gold, bone (sometimes human), glass, horn, ivory, titanium or copper. Each of his "home-made" camera is designed for a specific artistic purpose, one to depict only the road side altar, one for the study of distance, another for the beauty of decay and so on. Belger shares through his photography a world of his own, built by himself from scratch.

Altar Camera : Designed to study beautiful altars created at points of tragedy.

A collection of Roadside Altars from the US and Mexico
all shot with the Roadside Altar Camera.

Wood Camera : Designed to study distance.
The Wood Camera is made from Wood, Aluminum, Copper, Steel, Acrylic, and Insects. Most of the camera parts were found in Death Valley, CA. The camera has an interchangeable front plate used to float objects in front of the pinhole. With pinhole photography the focus is infinite. Objects which are a quarter-inch in front of the pinhole are just as in focus as objects 20 miles away.

Pictures by the Wood Camera

All pics by Wayne Martin Belger

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  1. He's one of my favortie photographers. Thanks for sharing this today! I especially love the photographs with the floating bug.