Good News - The return of Polaroid by Andreas Lonn

"Eighteen months after Polaroid Corp. said it was halting sales of its instant film, one of Massachusetts’ most famous products may be coming back to life.
Holdings LLC, the investment group that owns the Polaroid brand, has struck a deal that could put Polaroid film back on retailers’ shelves. PLR, owned in part by Gordon Brothers Group, of Boston, licensed Utah-based Summit Global Group to sell digital cameras under the Polaroid name in June. Now Summit is cleared to resume sales of Polaroid film. At a news conference held yesterday in Hong Kong, Summit’s managing director, Giovanni Tomaselli, said the film will be manufactured by the Impossible Project, an Austrian company which has acquired the former Polaroid factory in the Netherlands. According to The Impossible Project’s website, the company will begin with black-and-white film in early 2010 and will offer a color version later in the year."

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