Fumi-Nation by Fumi Nagasaka

This week, Fumi Nagasaka's Fumi-Nation takes us to a birthday party at a bulgarian club, to the launch of the six scents perfumes and out and about with her brit friends, and won't talk about The Horrors gig. Here we go...

"I went to my good friend Wesley's birthday party at some weird Bulgarian club. Wesley is a great hair dresser."

"My friend Stefan was in town from Iceland. He used to be a buyer for the shop called Kronkron in Reykjavik. He was here for Kylie Minogue concert. It was so nice to see him again. I really miss Iceland!"

"In the Bulgarian club, they had a weird small room called "Ice Cage". If you pay $20 you can drink vodka as much as you want for 2 minutes in the room..."

"I guess Elijah Wood was there..."

"I went to Six Scents Series 2 party. This time they collaborated with Henry Holland, Damir Doma, Henrik Vibskov,
Phillip Lim, Richard Nicoll&Rodrigo Flores-Roux, and Toga&Alexandra Kosinski."

"I went out with my friend Lyndell and Tom. They are great friend of mine. They were here for a week and just left yesterday. They are like my sister and brother. I miss them!"

Also I went to The Horrors show on Friday but the singer of the band wasn't really nice to me (the other guys were so sweet though) and their tour manager yelled at my face like crazy (he said i can't take photos even if I had official photo pass), so I left and didn't see their show at all. I just wanted to take nice pictures and be nice to this band that plays great music, that's all. (I was there as a media/press guest) I really hate people treating others like a garbage without any reasons... so no pictures!

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