Fumi-Nation by Fumi Nagasaka

This week, Fumi-Nation's Fumi Nagasaka takes us in a crowded gig and beyond, with parties, coronas, pineapples,pizzas and workouts, all shot with her Blackberry.

"I went to The Gossip show on Friday at Terminal 5."

"There was so many people."

"Me and Jeremy Scott."

"Me and Marcel. Marcel is really sweet. He is my Karaoke friend!"

"Beth. We were leaving venue to some house party."

"Jeremy and Beth in the cab going to an after-party"

"A Good friend of mine : Lyndell. She is the hair dresser of The Gossip.
She was in town for the show from London."

"Jeremy cutting pineapple at house party."

"Beth and I. Our hair looked great together!"

"After partying. Lyndel, Thomas and I went back to Williamsburg
and had a huge Pizza. (it was about 5am!!)"

"My friend Debbie was in town from Miami. Debbie used to live in NY and she was in the electroclash band called "Avenue D".
They were pretty well known in the scene. I took them to Japan for a tour in 2006.

This time she had a party called "Workout" at her old flat It was basically one hour exercise that she made up. It was pretty hard work so everyone was sweating so much after the exercise."

"Avenue D reunion"

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