Fumi-Nation by Fumi Nagasaka

This week Fumi-Nation brings us English cream tea, inside the making of a lookbook and a bit Jil Sander's for Uniqlo frenzy, all pictured on her blackberry, off course.

"This is my favourite British restaurant Tea & Sympathy in West Village.
They have the best Cream tea."

"Last Thursday and Friday, I shot my friend's lookbook. It's called "1to3" and it's available at Seven new york."

"Liz was a model for the look book shoot. She works at Seven. She is not a model but I thought she is more interested than most models."

"First day of Uniqulo + Jil Sander's project "+J"."

"I walked by the Uniqlo shop after the 1to3 lookbook shooting and saw my friends outside. It was already long cue at 9am. (the shop opens at 10am). I was gonna go home but my friends told me to join them so I did. I was just gonna check what they have but ended up buying a wool trench coat ;)"

"On Sunday, I had brunch with my flatmate Sarah at Five Leaves in Green Point Brooklyn. This restaurant was owned by Heath Ledger."

"After the brunch, Sarah took me to this thrift shop in Green Point.It's called "The Thing". They have so many junks and records. They have thousands of records($2/each) and really hard to find good ones because they are not in order or anything. Rock, Disco, Hip Hop, Classic etc all mixed. (It will take a month to look through everything!) We were digging records for an hour. It was really addicted. I found David Bowie, Depeche Mode, Prince, etc..."

"I am gonna go back there soon with masks and hand sanitizer. (it's just super dusty)"

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