Club To You - Siamois Magazine

Publisher : Julien Labrousse
Editor in Chief : Jeremie Khlat
Creative director : Raphael Bertrand

Do you remember the time where magazines where popping up all around like wild mushrooms, if you don't, it just confirms that this time is over. but out there, there's still some people with something to say and show, and that's what a new magazine is for, Siamois fits the case. Published and edited by the Parisian ChaChaClub team, Siamois brings together music, fashion, literature and more personal views of the a large group of friends, almost a family of people (as you might have guest already, I happen to be part of it) more often seen at night than under Paris sun. and for those who don't read magazine, it also just nice to look at. An upgraded fanzine, out of the happy few fashion only publications made in France.

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