A video we would have loved to see at the SPY NUMBERS exhibition

The Spy Numbers exhibition at Palais De Tokyo had a very attractive and promising content with it's nebula of spy number stations, coded transcription formula and old war sci-fi gear photographies. Well, the result is a very mediocer exhibition with not even half ot the artworks you would expect to be presented and none of the photographs printed in the museum's magazine. Anyway, sun is on Paris these days and the outside of the monumental stalinian-like architectured Palais De Tokyo is after all a very pleasant place for a quiet drink. It also gives a view on the many skateboarders gathering every week end at the buiding feet, and Manfred Unger couldn't help documenting the rests of a once subculture youth movement now turned into a soda selling accessory. There are days like these in Paris, and it's mostly sundays.

Another video not seen at Palais De Tokyo

Photos by Manfred Unger

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