Russian Love Their Children Too - Gosha RUBCHINSKIY Menswear Collection

Gosha Rubchinskiy is a 25 years old russian menswear designer. His first collection entitled "Evil Empire" was made for and dedicated to youth, teenagers and children of the 90's : a new kind people, those who were born after the colapse of of the USSR. Overflowed with information and new possibilities to found a post soviet society. Choice was at all personnal, looking for the right people, the right music and the right style. Following for his second collection with "Growing and Expanding" Rubchinskiy pursued his teenagers study focusing this time on political and religious views. Creating a new hero who as a result of newly discovered democraty mixed with russian tradition is into orthodoxy and Pelevin's novels, Bible and Runes, Shamanism and Numerology.
Mixing the wardrobe of new youth movement ( at least new for Russia ) like Punks, Football fans and Skin-heads, Orthodoxy and Satanism, Rubchinskiy made a look that is as multidirectionnal as it goes in russian teenager's mind.

All images from fanzine edited and published by Gosha Rubchinskiy

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