"Dead Or Alive" The M.M.M. mysterious mystery

Wanted : Mr. M.M.

Mr. Martin Margiela seems to be missing from his creative studio, Interpol hasn't yet started any investigations on the case, but many fashion editors have already been speculating over his disappearance from his designing position at Maison Martin Margiela. We heard that Raf Simons refused to take over ( probably good for him, if he had said yes, he could have been missing too by now! ), but what proves that Mr. M.M. is missing is the lack of "definitive corporate statement" and the absence of the "inimitable dialogue of excellence, intellectual challenge, and wit" in last season's show as put down by Sarah Mower ( Style.com statement it is, not Law & Order ).
The owners of M.M.M denied the whole thing with several statements but no one really believes in what the Diesel people says. My only concern would be that in fact, Mr. M.M. is not missing at all, he is still there at work, but the inspirations and the results are the one actually missing, but as none of the editors could believe such thing might happen, ( "not to him , no!" ), they've created a mysterious case of disappearance ( with a bit of pr tricks involved )...probably to be continued...

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