UPCOMING - Alain QUILICI Shoes Fall 09

A fan of cinema, art and design. A lover of travel as an expression of culture and an inexhaustible source of knowledge. Attracted by the infinite possibilities of the world, Alain Quilici is a visionary, curious spirit, continually seeking links with the inner self. His collections are the result of unconscious observation of the nature surrounding him, which comes to him in the shape of new stimulation that he processes and modifies along the way. Alain observes and elaborates relentlessly, analysing and recreating, to express a unique, personal style.

Transformation is the essence of his work. An ever-changing world that happily allows itself to be contaminated. Cinema, in the sense of the visionary representation of reality where anything may happen, has been a determining factor for the definition of his style. Contamination between humanity and technology leads to the representation of a post-decadent society, balanced between dreams and reality. Alain Quilici likes to describe his work as “post-grunge”, referring to a style that in its modernity hides and encloses a visionary, melancholic soul.

For Fall 09 and it s second collection, there is a futuristic feel inherited from the debut collection , but with a post-decadent twist. The shapes draw on the strong designs, like the wedge with side corners , the skate with incorporates platform sole and heel , and the rounded model with double pull-out heel.

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