Collapsing New People - MUNDI Fall 09

Reykjavik born Guomundur Hallgrimsson A.K.A Mundi claims he studied ceramic with four older women at the Reykjavik Technical College when 17 before joining the Icelandic Academy of Art at the early age of 18. Making fashion all started when preparing a project for Iceland national phonebook cover, he knitted a pattern with icelandic wool and made a jumper out if it, and sold it to multi-label boutique Kronkon, becoming the first icelandic designer to sell in this Reykjavik based concept store.
Seems like things were meant to happen for Hallgrimsson, with multiple art exhibition and performance involvement around europe and beyond, he showed his first collection with a catwalk show where models pilled up look after look.
Showing his latest collection for Fall 09 in Paris with an installation of intricated clothing rails in riot barricade style where the collection was hanged, Mundi showed again his talent in knitwear with a series of organs pattern jumper including the stunning purple lungs one, mix with a post 90 punk sportswear outfit and some more organic touch with the ribcage like sweaters. A collection not to please anything but the designer's own greed of doing something new and watch it collapsing new people.

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