"See You In Hell - ANN-SOFIE BACK Fall 09"

Ann-Sofie is Back for Fall 09, with one her best collection, titled "Ann-Sofie Back burns in hell", the ton was set.
Pale white faced models haunted down the catwalk, in looks inspired by B horror movies, you know the slashers and zombies ones, a bit of Stephen King's Pet Sematary with the native american feathers and dream catcher and a Carrie-like gloomy bride. Sweatshirts, jackets, waistcoats and skirts have been through Hell indeed : tortured, ripped, shreded, slashed and distressed.
Can't tell you about the actual soundtrack, but I remember a couple of years ago, doing a dj set a Sketch, Ann-Sofie grabbed my arm to get to know what was that song I was playing, and if I could make her a copy of it, and it was "See You In Hell" by Suicide Commando.
So for Ann-Sofie and Adam's View readers, here we go below.

Ann-Sofie Back Fall 09
pictures from www.catwalking.com

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